This is an ever-changing list of resources that Amy Yarnell Carter highly recommends!

Tony Robbins is a ROCK STAR, period. If you want to learn psychological and physiological tools to live an extraordinary life, check this out or any of his other books and programs!

This is Brendon Burchard's latest book. This guy is AWESOME!

If you are needing an extra push toward taking ACTION, check out Mel's book!

If you love parables for personal growth, this is a must!

This is simply a classic. Beautiful!

If one of your ACTIONS is to write a book, click below! This will take you from blank page to published in as little as 90 days! (Seriously.)

If you want to be a thought leader and learn to market online, check out Brendon Burchard's Expert Academy


It is important to feel as awesome as possible and so I drink one of these smoothies every single morning for breakfast and sometimes for lunch as well! Love them!

Think and Grow Rich is simply a Classic

and a must-read!


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